Frequently Asked Questions

What size should my rack card be?

Rack card/brochure should be no larger than 4 x 9 inches and no smaller than 3.5 x 8.5 inches

What weight should my rack card be?

For best visual display, invest in a minimum 70 lb coated stock for a multi-fold brochure and 67 lb vellum Bristol for rack cards. In either case the grain must run vertically (long grain) to stand upright. Remember to be seen and taken, your brochure must stand upright, and maintain its appearance.

How should my rack card be designed?

The top 3 inches is your brochure’s impact area used to capture the attention of potential clients. Ask yourself does your brochure captivate your target audience? Does it say who and where are you?

How many brochures/rack cards should I print?

• For distribution in Garrett Region – 2500
• For distribution in Allegany Region – 1500
• For distribution in Tucker Region – 1000

* Brochures/rack cards should be delivered or shipped to: 130 Tanglewood Drive, Oakland, Maryland 21550